Salt Cave
Salt Cave
Salt Cave
Salt Cave

Salt Cave Český Krumlov

Open hours: daily 09.00 AM - 06.00 PM

Price for 1 treatment:
adult: 130,- Kč
children, pensioner, handicapped: 100,- Kč

Permanent admission card:
650,- Kč / 5 treatments + 1 free of charge

One treatment is for 45 minutes, starting every hour.

After treatment we can offer you free espresso+water in our restaurant Gotika.

SALT CAVE - Health relaxation

Impressive effects of the salt treatment are renowned for centuries as well as the idea of treatment in the salt cave. In the past, salt mines were used in this way. This type of natural treatment was founded in the 30ś of the 19 century in the Vielicka salt mine in Krakow in Poland. At present, we return to this concept.

We have built our Salt Cave from various kinds of salt from the Dead Sea, salt from Pakistan and Poland. These materials create a microclimate in which elements of Iodine, Calcium, Sodium, Bromine, Magnesium, Selene and more are contained. Clean ionized air in the salt cave improves your health condition and support treatment of

  • Upper and lower respitatory passages (nose, sinus, bronchus)
  • Reduced function of thyroid (consult with doctor)
  • Cardiac vascular diseases/high blood preasure, after-treatment of heart attack
  • Diseases of digestive tract
  • Dermatological diseases (acne)
  • Neurosis, stres depression
  • Slowing dawn processes of aging and much more.

Please come and enjoy the peacefull relaxation
with nice music and light.